The Burner Booster

The Science Behind The Savings.

The Burner Booster System's innovative technology turns what is normally a spray of oil droplets, into a fine gaseous mist. This gaseous mist has more surface area than the droplets, which results in a superior air-to-fuel combustion mixture (produces more heat and less pollutants), creating a cleaner, more complete burn. What is normally produced as soot and harmful waste gas emissions is now turned into heat. The Burner Booster equipped heating system uses 15% - 25% less oil to produce the same amount of heat. The Burner Booster's patented technology combined with latest in nozzle technology creates a fresh way of thinking about oil burner systems.

The tested range of oil savings, combustion efficiency, and emission reductions have been verified by rigorous review, including a battery of tests conducted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Fire Science Laboratory in Worcester, Massachusetts, a nationally-recognized air quality testing company and a well-known burner manufacturer.

Better Air Quality

We’ll All Breathe A Little Easier

The Burner Booster is great for the environment when compared to traditional oil burning systems, and can use 100% biofuels, industrial/commercial No.4 fuel, and No.2 heating oil. In tests conducted by EES and CK Environmental, Inc, following U.S. EPA standards on systems firing from two gallons per hour to 45 gallons per hour, The Burner Booster dramatically reduced emissions of SO2, NO,NO2, NOx, CO2, CO, and SO by up to 71%. (These calculations are based on pounds/day reduction with the same BTU output.)

The chart below shows an average of many tests performed over the last three years, while using an average of 20% less fuel oil. Tests also showed that The Burner Booster dramatically reduced the emission of potentially hazardous carbon monoxide and sulfur monoxide compounds. That will let us all breathe a little easier.

Comparison of Average Emissions From Burner Booster Installations (over four years)

Price and Installation