The Burner Booster


As part of The Burner Booster’s development, the system was tested at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s fire lab—where it achieved energy savings in one test of just over 30%. Following that success, The Burner Booster was tested by a known burner manufacturer and was found, once again, to produce extraordinary results.

In 2010, The Burner Booster was installed in over a dozen demonstration projects in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to prove that it achieved what we knew it could and to provide the real-life operating setting we needed to fine tune our product. All sites, but one (14.5%), showed oil savings of between 15% and 25%.

CK Environmental, a nationally-recognized environmental testing company was hired to test The Burner Booster’s emissions and to double-check the air quality measurements recorded in EES’s own tests. The results of those tests vary from site to site, but all show savings in the 20%-70% range, depending on the type of flue gas being measured (details of air quality tests can be seen at our section of the Environment).

Massachusetts Demonstration Sites (oil savings calculated with degree days)

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Corrections, MCI Plymouth, Dorm C, Hot Water (30.5% oil savings)
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Corrections, MCI Plymouth, Dorm C, Central Heating System (31.7% 2-year average)
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Youth Services, Metro Youth Service Center, Dorchester, MA (28.6% 2-year average)
  • Town of Needham, Public Facilities Department, Central Maintenance Facility (31% 2-year average)
  • The Paint Project, retail/sales/distribution facility, Medfield, MA (27% system comparison savings)
  • Corona Film, Inc., industrial process manufacturer, West Townsend, MA (23% 2-year average)
  • Private homes in Newton and Natick (22%-31% 2-year average)

New Hampshire Demonstration Sites (oil savings calculated with degree days)

  • City of Manchester, Waste Water Treatment facility, Manchester, NH (31% 2-year average)
  • Villa Augustina School, 400-student school, Goffstown, NH (30.5% 2-year average)
  • New England Easter Seals Headquarters, Manchester, NH (31.5% 2-year average)
  • Private home in Dover, NH, since 2008, (31.8% 4-year average)

In developing the demonstration project, a special shout-out goes to the Massachusetts Division of Capital Resource Management for their outstanding assistance, along with the MA Department of Corrections, in installing The Burner Booster in MCI Plymouth, and with the MA Department of Health and Human Services, in installing The Burner Booster in the MetroYouth Facility in Dorchester, MA. Also deserving credit for the courage of stepping up to try The Burner Booster are the Town of Needham, MA (DPW maintenance center) and the City of Manchester, NH (waste water treatment facility).

Demonstration Sites Emission Reductions

Owner/Operator Comments

White Mountain Oil - North Conway, NH

Bob Morin, Service Manager - "We at White Mountain Oil could not have been more pleased with The Burner Booster’s performance and the fuel savings after the first year at the Deer Park Recreation Center. Deer Park hired us on the condition that we would save them on oil costs. Thanks to you, everybody won."

"The 5,600 sq. foot recreation building had two well-performing Carlin burners on Burnham boilers that showed a combustion analyzer efficiency reading of 83%. After installing The Burner Booster, both our records and Deer Park’s show 15% fuel oil savings in the shoulder season. During the dead of winter, a solid 18-20% fuel savings was recorded. The Burner Booster system was installed back in September and since then there has not been one time out, lock out, or safety lock out. The boiler room is a lot cooler too. The Recreation Center management staff has mentioned to us several times that it was unusual to not have the heat go down throughout the day, as it did with the old system."

"We have some other potential customers who would like to get The Burner Booster installed this summer. It has been a real winner for growing our reputation and adding new accounts."

"Thanks again. We hope you have a great season."

Daigle Oil Co. - Houlton, ME

Dave Frazier, Division Manager - "Our carwash saved 26-32% on our oil use this winter. Also, the boiler room is immensely cooler, the boilers are running so much cleaner than they did with the Carlin 702 burners. The front sight glass is still clean and has not been touched on either boiler sine October 15th when we put these in."

"The thing I like the best is, we have had no operational issues at all with The Burner Booster’s. We have not had a reset to start since they were installed. We could count on one of the Carlin’s to go out at least every 2 weeks or sooner."

"Over all we are really impressed with how the system has worked for us. Thanks for your ingenuity!!!"

Corona Films - West Townsend, MA

Corona Films Saves Big Money with the Burner Booster

To deal directly with the manufacturer, please call Energy Efficiency Solutions, LLC at (888) 337-0337

Maine Bio Fuels - Portland, ME

See what The Burner Booster can do with Bio-Fuel

To deal directly with the manufacturer, please call Energy Efficiency Solutions, LLC at (888) 337-0337

Acme Staple Company - Franklin, NH

Bob Jewett - “Prior to installation, in the same period during 2010 we burned an average of 55 gallons per day. The results since installation have been in the 35-38 gallons per day range, a clear reduction in excess of 30%....Reliability has improved dramatically and we have not experienced the reset problems we experienced in years past. One of the improvements is the cleanliness of the combustion chamber and the absence of particulates in the exhaust.”

ROI Breakeven in 16 months; Reduced Oil Use by 29%+

To deal directly with the manufacturer, please call Energy Efficiency Solutions, LLC at (888) 337-0337

The Paint Project Shop Inc. - Medfield, MA

Bob Zaffino - "The Burner Booster has allowed us to cut our oil use by 1,000 gallons---over $4,000 a year. We don’t smell the heating system anymore, we have more even heat in our shop area, and the savings speak for themselves."

Ray Brooks - Dover, NH

Ray Brooks - "I have not had one call in the last two years, and always had 2-3 emergency service calls before. The heat comes up faster and I'm getting heat in two rooms that I didn't have before."

Town of Needham MA - Maintenance Facility Building - Needham, MA

Chip Laffey, Director of Facilities Operation - "… so far, to date, The Burner Booster has saved the Town of Needham 646 gallons of fuel oil, and at Needham's contract price for oil, this savings equates to $1,680. Additionally there are other cost savings that the Town will incur when it comes time to do the annual maintenance on the pilot program boiler. With the Burner Booster, the boiler flame burns hotter and cleaner, thus reducing the amount of time required to perform annual maintenance. With the hotter and cleaner flame, naturally we have a large reduction in emissions being released into the environment. The Town of Needham would be willing to install the Burner Booster in a number of our larger facilities where oil consumption rates are as large as 20-30 gph. With the installation of the Burner Booster in the large facilities, the Town would be able to see reduced costs in oil consumption, maintenance, and emissions."

Easter Seals Main Headquarters - Manchester, NH

Tom Farrell, Director of Facilities, NH Easter Seals - "Since the Burner Booster was installed a few months ago we have been getting our oil delivered less frequently and have noticed that our boiler is running much more efficiently then it has in the past. Being a nonprofit agency we are always looking for ways to save money and it looks as though we should be able to save a fair amount of money heat our 62,000 square foot building."

Easter Seals HQ Saves 1,200 gallons per year!

To deal directly with the manufacturer, please call Energy Efficiency Solutions, LLC at (888) 337-0337

Thomas McColl - Needham, MA

Tom McColl - "Since the system was installed on October 21, 2010, when considering the very cold winter we've had, we've calculated an annual oil savings of 25%, or about $725.00 (at $3.00 per gallon). This exceeded my expectations!

I think the Burner Booster lines up perfectly with President Obama's goal of reducing heating oil consumption by 20 percent."

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