The Burner Booster

Price and Installation

The Burner Booster pays for itself in savings in just 2 - 4 years!

How to Buy The Burner Booster
The Burner Booster is sold, installed, and serviced by a network of local authorized dealers. These authorized Service Dealers can be a part of your oil delivery company or they can be independent oil heat service companies. All employ state licensed oil burner technicians.

Please contact Energy Efficiency Solutions, LLC at (888) 337-0337 for details.

Prior to a sale, an authorized Burner Booster Service Dealer will inspect your heating system to determine which Burner Booster model is most appropriate for your home or business. The Authorized Service Dealer will also determine if your current heating system meets safety codes and what work, if any, is required to bring it into compliance.

The small residential The Burner Booster system (BB-155) comes with a three-year parts warranty. The other Burner Booster models come with a two-year or 17,000 gallon parts warranty whichever comes first. Annual inspection of The Burner Booster, recommended annual replacement of oil filter and burner nozzle, and recommended Burner Booster box tune-up every four years is not covered under the warranty.

Commercial/Industrial Applications
Work is underway to develop and test The Burner Booster to service larger commercial and industrial customers that use between 20-60 gallons/hour and one model up to 120 gallons/hour. Stay tuned for new developments.

Multi-Family/Commercial/Industrial Installations