Industrial and Power Generation Systems

The Burner Booster™ has been tested and evaluated by many different parties in real world situations using the following fuels:

  • No. 2, No. 4, No. 6, Bunker C Oils
  • High and low sulfur contents
  • “Spec” waste oils, bio waste oil blends, bio concentrates
  • Glycerin waste streams
  • Emulsified with up to 37% dirty water

Best News:

  • Your system can burn two or three different fuels, simultaneously or individually.
  • It can be quickly modified and boosterized, using existing equipment, which will cut costs even further.
  • The technology can help 40-year-old boilers to operate as efficiently as new models.
  • From one burner gun, there is a wide fire range of 8 gph to 8 gpm.
  • There is a guaranteed fuel usage savings of 8-15% or your money back.

Still don’t believe it? You’re not alone but then so were some others before they changed.

Our short term mission is for The Burner Booster to be recognized, adopted, and used as the pre-eminent solution for the reduction of oil consumption and harmful emissions. Our long term mission is for Energy Efficiency Solutions to design, develop, produce, and market technologies that support and enhance sustainable practices.

  • The US Department of Energy testing labs – shocked upon seeing the reports.
  • The US Patent Office – we now have a U.S. patent after being scrutinized and challenged.
  • Our investors – reluctant until witnessing our results.
  • State municipalities – after four years, they believe the results that were “too good to be true” are real.
  • Department of Defense – results have exceeded our savings expectations and guarantee.
  • Industrial controls company – shocked and pleased with results.

The Burner Booster™ operating parameters (heat, pressure, and atomization) are 15 to 35 times that compared to the last 30 years of combustion sciences. This new combustion science produces superior results. We feel it’s affordable with an ROI of less than two years in most cases.

Contact us today at (888) 337-0337 to not only make your facility safer and cleaner, but also to reduce emissions and save at least 8-15% on oil.

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