Monday, June 17, 2013

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We Guarantee 15% or Better Fuel Reduction!
Revolutionary ‘Fuel-Injector’ Type Burner System Cuts Heating Oil Use!

Oil prices are still through the roof. No matter how you look at it, “roof” and “oil combustion” don’t mix. That’s why we developed The Burner Booster, a fuel-injector system made for oil-fired furnaces that lowers your costs to the floor. Since 2007, 92% of our customers have documented using 20%-28% less oil and soot build-up was reduced up to 70% too. That means more money for you and less money spent on oil and maintenance. Even better, The Burner Booster pays for itself in two years!

It’s adaptable too: The Burner Booster is listed for a wide range of fuels. That includes numbers 1, 2, and 4 heating oil and spec-waste oil blends and all bio-fuels (B-5 to B-100). The Burner Booster creates a more reliable and finer mist of oil. And the fire rates range from 1-60 GPH. That makes our system more efficient. So you use more of the oil you buy and stop burning up your hard-earned money. Plus, you’re stopping up to 70% of emissions from spreading out into the environment. That’s a big deal--it’s not too often going greener costs less.

The Burner Booster is the first innovation in oil heat technology in 40 years. We’re the innovators and the mad scientists behind this system. But don’t worry; we’re mad about safety too! The Burner Booster is tested to UL standards. That’s why The Burner Booster is used everywhere: commercial and municipal buildings, apartment complexes, mixed-use mill buildings, college dormitories, manufacturing facilities, and private homes. You name it; The Burner Booster is there.

We offer:
100% financing for all customers
2-year full parts warranty

And we’ll come to you if you can’t come to us. Otherwise, visit our production facility in Holliston, MA and see The Burner Booster in action.

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