The Burner Booster

Multi-family/Commercial/Industrial Systems

The Burner Booster has eight models that are designed to serve the needs of smaller multi-family homes and commercial facilities. Burner Booster model BB-155LC addresses the specific needs of oil heating systems that currently use 1.1-3.0 gallons/hour. Model BB-155-MC is designed for systems currently using from 2.35-6.0 gallons/hour. The Burner Booster can fire up to three burners/boilers from one booster box, providing an even faster return on your investment.

The heat output from the BB-355 MC & LC series burners, however, have been tested and determined comparable to burners with fire rates totaling 28 gallons/hour.

Larger Commercial/Municipal/Industrial Systems

EES has developed a Burner Booster system that will be perfect for larger commercial/municipal/industrial heating systems, and heat process systems, that currently use between 20 and 60 gallons/hour and 40-120 gallons/hour. Installation and testing is underway at several demonstration sites.