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Eric Lavoie next to the Burner Booster

Eric Lavoie – Inventor, Founder, US Veteran

Exciting New News: July 28th, 2014

  • Introducing the TS Series
    A brand new ABS Burner Booster™ product, the TS Series oil burner is designed for use in residences and small commercial buildings with a guaranteed 8% reduction in oil consumption. Systems starting at $2,700.
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  • The Burner Booster™ Explained
    Details on how the Burner Booster™ works and will save you money.
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  • An Open Letter to Oil Heat Users
    Why using the new Ultra-Low Sulfur fuel oil is costing you more money.
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  • Burning Industrial Fuel Oil
    A collection of visuals of what it looks like to burn industrial fuel oil. Shows the cleanliness of emissions when the Burner Booster™ is used.
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  • Special Tune-Up Offer!
    Our partner Advanced Burner Solutions is now offering a diagnostic evaluation and service to both Burner Booster™ and non-Burner Booster™ customers to help maximize their savings. This offer is available to all New England residents through 2015.
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  • New Partner
    Advanced Burner Solutions Corporation teams up with Energy Efficiency Solutions to revolutionize oil burning systems of New England homes.
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We Sell Efficiency

  • EES in the News
    Sit down for an interview with Inventor
    Eric LaVoie.
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  • Facts and Figures
    Over 90% of our sites are reporting between 18-28% less fuel burned.
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What the Skeptics Say

  • Challenges and Naysayers
    The U.S. Department of Energy and some of its affiliates have erroneously claimed that the Burner Booster cannot save you more than 6% on oil.
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  • A Cleaner, Hotter Burn
    An explanation of how the Burner Booster™ produces fewer emissions than the standard burner technology.
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What Our Customers Say

  • Letter from the National Guard
    Testimonial from the National Guard, which purchased two Burner Boosters™ in 2013 for two locations in Maine.
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  • Keeping Maine Students Warm
    Testimonial from Harbison Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, which installed four Burner Boosters™ in two Maine schools in 2013.
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Reports and Comments

  • How to Measure Efficiency
    An explanation of how efficiency is measured by boiler technicians and manufacturers, how we measure efficiency, and why our method is far more accurate.
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  • Testimonial
    Commercial property management company documents saving above 15% per year for the past three years.
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  • Testimonial
    In one year, Matulaitus Rehabilitation & Skilled Care has saved over one full tank of oil by using the Burner Booster™.
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    Coming Next Month

  • Testing the old No. 2 heating fuel oil against the new fuel for heat output and emissions.