Q. What is The Burner Booster?
A. The Burner Booster is a unique, patented, higher-efficiency replacement oil pump and nozzle system that works with a specially designed oil burner to create ultra-efficient combustion that reduces oil use and cuts harmful emissions. It is about the size of a piece of carry-on luggage and can be installed in about two hours.

Q. How does The Burner Booster work?
Traditional oil heating systems use high-pressure pumps and large nozzles to spray relatively large oil droplets at 100-160 psi, into the boiler unit to make heat. The Burner Booster replaces that inefficient pump/nozzle system with an innovative small nozzle and a unique ultra high pressure pump (800+ psi) that creates an atomized mist of oil. That mist provides a much greater surface area and a real boost to combustion efficiency, while reducing oil use by up to 35%. At the same time, The Burner Booster creates a cleaner, more complete burn and reduces harmful emissions into the environment. The Burner Booster’s innovation is in the dramatic improvement in the efficiency of the 30 year old combustion process.

Q. Can The Burner Booster be used with all oil burners and furnaces?
Our smallest model, BB-155, can be attached to almost every residential boiler and furnace used in the United States and Canada. Our larger systems are compatible with most commercial boilers and furnaces that burn 2-6 gallons/hour. EES has developed systems that will work with larger commercial and institutional systems that burn 6-20 gallons/hour and 15-40 gallons/hour.

Q. What kind of oil savings can I expect?
Up to 35%. 90% of our customers are showing 20-29% fuel savings. In August 2009, in tests conducted at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s fire lab, The Burner Booster reduced oil use by over 50%. In regular, everyday use in test-homes and businesses in New England during the winter of 2010-2011, The Burner Booster cut oil use by up to 35%. In 2010, the Massachusetts Dept of Corrections at MCI Plymouth cut oil use by 30.8% in heating hot water and over 34% in heating secure residential facilities for inmates, using the Burner Booster system. Individual results will vary depending on the size of your building, amount of insulation and other energy efficiency strategies in place, and the thermostat setting.

Q. Where has The Burner Booster been operating?
In addition to MCI Plymouth, MA, The Burner Booster has been operating in a factory in Townsend, MA, a retail/distribution center in Medfield, MA, private homes in MA, a Town of Needham, MA DPW facility, the City of Manchester, NH's wastewater treatment facility, Villa Augustina School in Goffstown, NH, Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services youth facility (DYS) in Dorchester, MA, Andover Newton Theological School in Newton, MA, the Easter Seals headquarters offices in Manchester, NH, mill building in MA, apartment building in Gonic, NH, a home in Milton, NH, and a factory in Franklin, NH, to name a few.

Q. Does The Burner Booster help improve our environment?
Absolutely. The Burner Booster has achieved astounding results in reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse and other gases into the environment. This includes reductions of SO2 of 28%, NO by 32%, NOx by 34%, CO2 by 22%, CO by 65%, and SO by 71%. The complex sulfur hydrocarbons and nitrogen compounds that are normally left behind are actually burned up. (see Environmental Benefits)

Q. Does The Burner Booster use only #2 heating oil?
No. The Burner Booster works with traditional #1, #2 and #4 home heating oil and all biofuel mixes.

Q. Where do I buy The Burner Booster?
The Burner Booster is sold, installed, and serviced by a network of local authorized oil burner service dealers. Please contact Energy Efficiency Solutions toll-free at (888) 337-0337 for details.

Q. Do I keep my regular oil burner service company or do I have to make a change?
Yes, you may continue to use your current oil service company. Installation of The Burner Booster is carried out by authorized licensed burner technicians. These technicians have also been authorized by EES to maintain The Burner Booster. Your current oil burner service company must be authorized by ESS before they can work on The Burner Booster.

We are hopeful that your regular oil burner service company will want to join our network of authorized service dealers to sell, install, and service The Burner Booster. Although The Burner Booster will reduce the amount of oil Local delivery companies sell to you, we believe they will continue to value your business. In the long run, Local delivery companies that embrace The Burner Booster early on will be the ones who will be able to grow their business by attracting new Burner Booster customers. If you are interested in having The Burner Booster installed in your home or business, please let us know and we’ll contact your local service provider for you.

Q. Whom do I call if I have a problem?
The Burner Booster is installed and serviced by local service companies that are available to respond to any problems you may have. You can contact EES and The Burner Booster at (888)337-0337 if further assistance is needed.

The smallest residential Burner Booster (BB-155) comes with a 36-month parts warranty. The system requires the burner tip and filter to be changed once a year, and a Burner Booster box tune up every four years. (The filter, burner tip, and regular tune up are not covered under the warranty). The larger Burner Booster units come with a 24-month or 17,000 gallon parts warranty (whichever comes first) and require the same filter, burner nozzle, and tune up schedule as the smaller units.

Authorized Burner Booster service dealers may offer a service plan for your Burner Booster as well as for your current heating system. While you can stick with your current oil burner service company to service your boiler/furnace, only authorized Burner Booster service dealers are permitted under the warranty to work on The Burner Booster box. It makes sense to us to have one company that does both.

Q. It sounds so simple. Why are we just hearing about it now?
Sometimes the old tried and true is never considered for innovation. The Burner Booster’s inventor, Eric LaVoie, seized the opportunities available through the use of new laser-created small nozzles and applied the new technology to high-pressure pumps he had experience with in his work as an industrial engineer. The result is a fine mist of oil that burns much more efficiently.

Q. Where is The Burner Booster made?
The Burner Booster is manufactured and assembled by Energy Efficiency Solutions, LLC in Holliston, Massachusetts. Contact us at 1-888-337-0337 or through our contact form.

Environmental Benefits