The Burner Booster

What Can The Burner Booster Do For You?

  • Saves you money on oil usage
  • Saves you money on service calls
  • Reduces burner failures & shutdowns that leave you without heat
  • Greatly reduces harmful emissions

Using The Burner Booster System, your oil is burned so efficiently that soot and damaging waste products that are normally left behind get burned up.

The Burner Booster helps control the following problems:
Standard Burner Problems The Burner Booster
Reduces These Problems
1) Excessive soot and frequent cleaning costs.
High soot buildup reduces heater efficiency. Less soot allows heat to come up faster and more efficiently.
Fuel sprays into the boiler after the flame is shut off for 1-3 seconds. Special fast-acting safety shut-off valve allows little to no fuel to escape, keeping the system cleaner.
2) "No Heat" emergency service calls
The nozzle is clogged due to fine sediment (25 - 75 micron filter). Uses a special filter element (3 - 5 micron filter) that prevents clogs and gives the nozzle a longer life.
Electrodes short out due to carbon buildup on the air diffuser. Air diffuser stays 80% cleaner due to better atomization and new design.
Newer style 14,000 volts, less expensive igniter often fails within 5 years. Uses high density transformer with 10,000 volts and has a 30 year proven track record for reliability.
Nozzle clogs frequently with bio-diesel fuel, seals fail and fuel gels up in the filter. The seals used are rated for 100% bio-diesel and fuel is pulled through the filter. The ultra high pressure keeps the nozzle from clogging.
3) Unsafe fuel gas emissions
Higher volume of carbon monoxide and sulfur monoxide gases; some could back up into the living area. More efficient combustion creates much less carbon monoxide and sulfur monoxide.
High volume of NOX gases (nitrogen oxides convert to nitric acid decreasing the boiler/chimney life). This is a major contributor to acid rain and smog. Produces approximately 45% less NOX emissions, adds longer life to heating system and improves air quality.
4) Costly fuel usage
Achieving a normal combustion efficiency of 80% means 20% ends up as heat loss, harmful emissions and soot. The soot causes additional inefficiencies in heat transfer. To achieve 80% efficiency a standard burner requires considerable excess air, cooling down the combustion chamber and further reducing efficiencies. Greater combustion efficiency means less incomplete burnt oil, less heat loss, fewer harmful emissions and improves the overall heating appliance efficiency. There is 70% less soot, allowing a reduction in cleaning time and maintenance while saving 25% - 30% of oil.
Over-firing the boiler for more heat can waste fuel and shorten the life of the boiler. Also, excessive heat is lost up the stack. EES's Authorized Service Dealers' technicians can quickly adjust heat output without causing an "over-firing" environment. Producing robust even quality heat.
How The Savings Add Up