The Burner Booster
The Burner Booster

What is the Burner Booster?

The Burner Booster is a unique, patented, higher-efficiency replacement oil pump and nozzle system that works with a specially designed oil burner to create ultra-efficient combustion that reduces oil use and greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions. The box-sized device, is easily and safely installed in two hours or less next to the current heating unit. The Burner Booster’s innovative process allows your heating system to create the same amount of heat while using a lot less oil, and at the same time reduces the amount of harmful emissions going into the environment. Depending on the size of your home or business, The Burner Booster can pay for itself in savings in just 2-4 years. The larger the building, the greater the savings.

The Burner Booster is manufactured in Massachusetts, USA.


The Burner Booster System has been tested in homes since 2008, and all parts have been reviewed and certified by national testing laboratories for safety, quality of assembly and product/component reliability. The Burner Booster is ETL Intertek listed to UL 296, 296A, and 343 safety standards.

Example of Traditional Standard Burner, without and with The Burner Booster Technology

Larger droplets within the mist burn less efficiently
Same heat using up to 35% less oil

Burner Booster with standard oil heating system

How The Burner Booster System Works

The Burner Booster’s patented system optimizes the fuel to air ratio inside your oil heating system so efficiently that the oil droplets are actually turned into a gaseous mist, allowing oil to burn more effectively.


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