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Our Mission
Our short term mission is for The Burner Booster to be recognized, adopted, and used as the pre-eminent solution for the reduction of oil consumption and harmful emissions. Our long term mission is for Energy Efficiency Solutions to design, develop, produce, and market technologies that support and enhance sustainable practices.

About EES, LLC History

EES was formed in 2008, at the height and beginning of the great recession; out of the inventors 2 car garage work shop and testing area. The owners test results were all validated from Worcester Polytechnic Combustion Labs(WPI), before moving production operations into a 10,000sq. ft. production and office building in Holliston MA in 2010. EES then built a 5,000 sq. foot advanced combustion lab to advance on its 2 issued US patents. In the first 12 months, from there new location, they had placed over 14 demonstration sites and in less than 4 years, they had over 110 sales in all of the New England states. The product proved itself and was scrutinized by a national oil burner company as well by Brookhaven labs to a long series of tests. The many results did show 11%-21% fuel savings (16%-30% improvement). Excitingly however, 94% of our customers claim 20-28% less fuel, in all kind of setting and environments. EES offered a 100% guarantee of at least 15% less fuel used or a complete refund; only one claimed to have only 14% savings.

So by 2014, In its short, but game changing history of 3 years of sales, a lot was learned; some 260,000 tons of fewer CO2 and NOx and SOx entered into the air we breathe in New England. Then from starting in 2013 the US government mandated a changed of the heating fuel formula. It showed to have 7-9% less heat output per gallon, and it also costed consumers another 10 cents/gallon from the refinery. In 2014 Advanced Burner Solutions Corporation was formed, as a spin off, with the agreements to use EES, LLC two patents and use its advanced combustion lab. ABS sold Burner Booster Systems, and designed and produced the T-S Burner; saving a solid 10% on oil usage. ABS went on to build better combustion technologies and many better fuel blends. ABS also made great advances with burning industrial fuel oils, like No. 6 oil and non-conventional fuels with their duel fuel burner systems.

Now in 2015, with natural gas pricing and rebates entering their 3ed year of being about 1/2 the cost of oil to heat; the oil market results have shown that in less than 10 years, oil sales in gallons sold; have dropped historically by over 43%.......It was now deemed time to close up operations and re-think what was all learned.

"So despite government and their affiliates interferences in the oil heating business market place, we have proven that any oil can burn very clean, and new bio-fuel blends with Burner Booster Patented technologies make the best valve to existing oil users…..as we have proven over 6 years to many different users they saved money…….We sold efficiency not oil during struggling times,…..…."

Eric T. LaVoie
Inventor of the Burner Booster, its Patents and advanced systems…….

Product History

The Burner Booster was invented by Eric LaVoie, 52, of Medway, Massachusetts. Eric went on to develop an oil pump system (The Burner Booster) that could be used to improve the energy efficiency of a home oil burning heating system as well as in industrial oil burning applications. In addition to cutting oil use, the added bonus was to discover that The Burner Booster also dramatically cut the emission of greenhouse and other harmful gases into the environment.

As part of The Burner Booster’s development, the system was tested at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s fire lab—where it achieved energy savings ranging from 30% - 50%. Following that success, The Burner Booster was tested by a known burner manufacturer and was found, once again, to produce extraordinary results. By 2012, The Burner Booster was installed in over two dozen demonstration projects in MA and NH: homes, a retail/distribution center, a small factory, an elementary school, college, and prison, and other sites.

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