Is CO2 a bad gas in our environment?

It doesn’t bother THRIFTEE at all. It is absolutely not a “bad” or harmful toxic gas. Without it, the oceans would have a lot less plankton and then there would be a lot less shrimp and less food for fish and some whales. Less fish means fewer lobsters and crabs and other seafood for us to eat. The same is true about the land bio-mass as well.

THRIFTEE wants humans to be more educated about the facts so they don’t change the wrong things.

What THRIFTEE doesn’t like is high levels of CO (Carbon Monoxide),or NOx (Nitrogen Oxides in the air. They come mainly from overseas coal plants and natural gas emissions. THRIFTEE has some new friends who know how to burn fossil fuels cleaner. The stack emissions from burning fossil fuels also mix with moisture in the air and make carbonic acid, which is weaker than Nitric acid from NOx, which is more harmful

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